Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Update

 Thoreau said that any day he didn't take a least four hours to walk in the woods was a wasted day. I remember reading this years ago and have since tried to apply it to continuing my daily practice of painting.  I try to paint each day either on location or in the studio. I live near an area called "horse hill" and have been taking walks there regularly for years.  There is a stable for horses below the hill and these beautiful animals roam around on the ridges all day, eating and doing horse things.
I've posted a recent horse painting and some of my new landscape paintings.  Hope you enjoy them.

Painting Workshop at Sedona Art Center  April 29th - May 3rd, 2013
I have been asked to teach a paintng workshop at the Sedona Art Center again.  The dates are April 29 to May 3rd.  Hope to see some of you there.  You can read about details concerning the class on my website or go to the Sedona Art Center Website.  Have a great day!