Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lisa Harris Gallery Exhibition

In September  my work was part of a two person exhibit at the Lisa Harris Gallery in Seattle.  I have worked with Lisa for ten years and she presents my work well.   For this show I did twelve new paintings. The work  represented a slight shift in terms of color use and motif.  For several years my work has focused on wetlands and intimate settings in nature.  In the paintings, seen below, I have shifted to a larger more panoramic view.  "Above the Valley" puts the viewer in an elevated position and suggests a strong light moving across the picture plane.  The brush handling  moves up the picture plane starting with a more naturalistic rendering technique in the lower third and culminating at the top of the canvas with a loose burst of light, the brush strokes in the upper third, revealing process, paint handling and a flattening of space, as opposed to image making. This in turn presents the viewer with different levels of focus and a juxtaposition of visual language.

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