Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Work 2010

Hi Everyone,

Closing out 2010 with some new work I want to share with you.  I have sent four new works to the Julie Nester Gallery in Park City.  Two of the paintings shown here are 60x60 and reflect movement toward a slightly lighter pallet.  Additionally, I have been increasingly aware of color as a factor in my compositions and how squeezing value can help create mood and distance.

The dynamics of color use can be a daunting experience at times.  For this reason I have scaled back my range of colors at different times to see what I can glean from the a limited pallet.  After doing this for awhile I may find that the incremental introduction of new hues creates  and alters the range of color relationships for the entire work, thereby adding more atmosphere and or brilliance.

I had the good fortune recently to view a number of works by Seurat at the DeYoung museum in San Francisco.   This was part of a larger show of impressionist and post impressionist work currently on display at the museum.  While Seurat's paintings demonstrate a deep analytical understanding of color and hue relationships,  it is his conte or charcoal renderings on paper that present a masterful view of value and modulation of value  to the viewer.  In my painting entitled "Beyond the Margins"  I have explored a more subtle ;use of value and tone to create mood, atmosphere and distance.  The same study was explored in the painting "Near the Estero"  (seen below)

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